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A new day and another update

A new day and another update, this one include the following: * Added newlines between prefix, body of mailing and postfix. * Added Subscribe button, previous a user had to click "No/Yes" badge which could lead to confusion. * You can now set the "reply-to[...]

date09-05-2019 13:34

Categorize images, cookie warning pages, etc.

* Images can now be categorized in folders, handy when you have many images. * You can now upload multiple images, the upload progress is also shown. * To support cookie warning pages you can enable the "Show site overlay" option in "Site settings". You[...]

date23-04-2019 17:03

Fine tuning update

I did a bit of fine tuning on the MailRCPT project over the weekend and this morning: * Style set overwrite button is disabled when no style sets exist. * Comments are now possible on mailings. (this can be disabled when changing a mailing list) * Css[...]

date11-03-2019 13:57

Style sets update

I've just added a new feature to the dashboard: "Style sets". Style sets contain all the changed values from the "Style" section. You can use it to backup and restore all the styles. It is also possible to view (and change) the style json (but that is[...]

date07-03-2019 15:36

Uploaded the entire MailRCPT project

I've just uploaded the entire MailRCPT project to a new vps. The first tests I've done lead me to believe that most features are functioning correctly. I will continue to test online to see if everything is functioning as it should. Hold your horses ;[...]

date28-02-2019 16:33