Wordpress plugin configuration

Once you have installed the MailRCPT plugin in your wordpress blog you need to configure it. Let's walk you through, it is not that difficult.

To fight spammers your wordpress blog needs a captcha:
  1. Go the Google's recaptcha site and go to the "Admin console" (signup if you don't yet have an account).
  2. Create a site with the domain of your Wordpress blog. Make sure your select "reCAPTCHA type": "v2 Invisible".
  3. Write down (or copy & paste) the "Site key" and "Secret key".

First configure MailRCPT
  1. Go the your MailRCPT dashboard, go to "More" > "Settings".
  2. Click the "Api" tab and enable the "Api enabled" option, write down (or copy & paste to notepad) the "Api key".
  3. Click the "Remote access" tab and enable "Integration mode enabled".
  4. Paste the recaptcha site and secret key in the "Remote captcha site key" and "Remote captcha secret key" fields.
  5. Click "Save" button to save the changes.

Lets configure the MailRCPT wordpress plugin:
  1. Go to your Wordpress blog dashboard.
  2. Go to "Settings" > "MailRCPT".
  3. To connect your wordpress with MailRCPT enter the api key from the previous section in the "Api key" field.
  4. Enter your MailRCPT account email address in the "Postmaster email address" field.
  5. Enter your MailRCPT password in the "Postmaster password" field.
  6. Finally enter a new difficult to guess password in the "Webservice password" field.
  7. And finally click the "Connect with MailRCPT" button.
  8. If everything did go well your wordpress is now connected to MailRCPT. After the "Connected" label you will see the url to your MailRCPT site and the url of MailRCPT integrated in your Wordpress.

The wordpress plugin can use your current wordpress theme:
  1. Below "Settings" select the " " option and press the "Save settings" button.
  2. No press the "Generate theme information" button, will analyze your theme and try to generate the correct theme information.
  3. Take a peek at your MailRCPT pages on your Wordpress blog. If it doesn't look ok then please navigate to "Customize generated theme information" section and change the values.
date 11-03-2019 14:39

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